The Future Estate Vision

    “Future Estate's vision is to open doors for a new generation of would-be home owners.” — William Maddinson, Founder.

    As a member of Generation Rent, Founder and Architectural Designer William Maddinson has developed the Future Estate model in response to the hardships currently faced by first time home-owners.

    With a view to create affordable, well-crafted and environmentally friendly homes that benefit all parties, Future Estate splits land and home ownership to form a new paradigm of genuinely affordable, inspirational housing in urban areas.

    Our vision is to create a more fair and balanced housing system where private individuals, local authorities and residents can all benefit from an increased quality and quantity of housing.

    We aim to provide first time buyers with a more sustainable option for owning their own home through affordable buildings and long-term land rental.

    As a social enterprise, Future Estate offers a new economic model that pairs public and private stakeholders to improve equality in the housing market. To achieve this, land and building are separated to facilitate truly affordable homes in urban areas.

    We offer local authorities and private land owners the opportunity to build the necessary housing capacity for their area, whilst also maintaining ownership of land assets and creating an income that can be spent on local services and economies.

    As building costs for new homes are usually less than the cost of the land they are built on, purchasing a house without land creates a more sustainable and affordable option for those who need it most.

    Once a building has been bought, the homeowner pays a small % rent on the land their house sits on. This creates a lower mortgage and/or rent for a resident, meaning they pay less upfront, can pay back more quickly than normal mortgages, and significantly lower their rent whilst taking a step onto the property ladder.

    We help design and build sustainable, high performance and beautifully crafted MMC housing that doesn’t cost your life savings or trap you in debt cycles.

    We build resilient communities focusing on a contemporary, sustainable delivery model that rewards all involved, both financially and ethically. We use land that would otherwise be surplus or sold to private holders and put it to good use, creating a better and more diverse built environment that create stronger bonds between residents.

    To maintain affordability and address the many issues surrounding speculative purchase and development of property in the UK, a series of agreements are put in place. These protect the future cost of the developments for the next generation, whilst also leaving investment and land rental incomes unaffected for the stakeholders involved.